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The Martial Arts, in all of their varied splendor and forms of expression, can serve as a powerful tool of empowerment for children and adults of all ages and levels of fitness.

Velocity Martial Arts, Premier Martial Arts School

Velocity Martial Arts schools serve Pompano Beach, Boca Raton, Lighthouse Point, Margate, and Deerfield Beach. Whether your interests lie in the explosive action of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), the sophistication of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ), the tradition and modern interpretation of Taekwondo, the unparalleled cardiovascular orientation of Fitness Kickboxing, the spectacular beauty of Capoeira, or the mind-body practice of Yoga, we at Velocity Marital Arts of Boca Raton / Pompano Beach have the program suited to meet your needs and desires. We offer a fun and exciting Karate for Kids Program, as well as an award winning After School Program with free transportation from your child's school to our dojang. We offer fun packed Karate Winter-Spring-Summer Camps, an internationally recognized Sport Taekwondo Competition Team led by Master Charles Panoyan, a Private Lesson Program, Self Defense & Weapons Seminars, Job Opportunities, Family Plans, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Mixed Martial Arts (BJJ/MMA) Program

You may have some experience, or none at all. You may have a clear vision of what you desire in martial training, or you may simply have a curiosity or interest in exploring firsthand what the Martial Arts have to offer you.

Enroll today in one of our exciting programs, and begin reaping the many benefits the Martial Arts have awaiting you.

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